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Easy Rider – Sfericum pad – Wind Sef Pad

To remove the leather pad that is secured to the frame by means of 3 pivots and a special basket, just push gently outwards. In each Kit there is a round washer in Pc with which you can rise gently the lens placing it on the pincers next to the bridge of the glasses, so as not to bend the frame of the glasses. So remove the lens from the first rivet and it will be easy remove it also from the two other rivets. Then insert the spare lens and the leather pad. To adjust the bridge, you only need to turn the nose pad bush clockwise or anticlockwise, depending on whether you want to make the opening wider or narrower; it is recommended to lubricate the mechanism now and then. To insert the band included in the kit. Insert the hook perpendicular to the arm into one of the 3 slot and turn of 90°. To get out it do the opposite.