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Supercompetition White Striped


The motorcycle mask Supercompetition is a famous classic style by Baruffaldi. It’s a nappa leather mask with thin grey strips, made and handcrafted in Italy. Thanks to the special turning hook designed by Baruffaldi, the mask fits over all helmets. It offers a good ventilation and a very good comfort. The polycarbonate and antifog lenses are clear and the optical acetate over lenses are interchangeable and brown colour.

Prescriptional lenses

In case you need to customize your goggles with prescriptional lenses, please send us the medical prescription mentioning the pupils distance, to get a quote.
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Mask: It is a classic leather mask, handcrafted and made in Italy. The white oxen skin cushions are are processed with thin gray strips. The internal cushion’s part is white lambskin, very soft and comfortable on the face. It offers a good ventilation and fits as well with all faces and over all helmets, due to a special hook studied by Baruffaldi.

Band: white elastic material, it can be adjusted. The band’s internal anti-slip treatment allows perfect fit on the helmet.
Lenses: polycarbonate and antifog clear lenses are mounted and there are smoke colour over lenses enclosed with the kit. The coloured over lenses are interchangeable for day and night use. The lens frame is equipped with a special ventilation system that does not soften it.

Spare parts: clear polycarbonate lenses, coloured optical acetate over lenses, elastic band.
Optical lenses: reading lenses can be set thanks to the OPTIRACING adapter. If you need to customize your goggles with reading lenses ask for a quote.

Included accessories: smoke colour over lenses.

Case: black eco-leather.


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