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Zeon Vintage Ramsete


Light fiberglass Jet Helmet – inner bonnet in Memory Form Foam – hand-printed leather in 6 steps and a final black squeegee

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The Jet is in fiberglass. The leather cuff Ramses (printed with oriental motifs) is sewn, printed and painted by hand. The leather is always saddled and finished by hand on the helmet. The interior takes the form of the head after few minutes that it is been worn. Coordinated set together with our leather goggles:Supercompetition.

The size 1 means the S and M ones (size 55/57); the size 2 means the M and L ones (size 58/60), and size 3 is the XL (61-62).

Material: shell made of painted fiberglass and lamb leather of 2 different colors.
Inside: hypoallergenic removable nappa leather with shape memory foam.
Weight: 1150 gr(+/-50 gr).

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1 (S-M) 54-57 cm, 2 (M-L) 58-60 cm, 3 (XL) 61 cm

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