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se hai bisogno di lenti da vista mandaci la prescrizione dell’oculista con la distanza interpupillare per avere il preventivo di spesa per le lenti
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This is a technical wrap-round line of glasses, made in Grillamid tr90. It is meant to be worn under the helmet.
The eyepiece frame holding the lenses are in a special aerated foam and hypoallergenic called Hytrell, ideal for two wheel leisure and sports in which protection for the eyes is needed. Its fastening band is adjustable and is included in the Kit, it is interchangeable with curved or straight earpieces.
Lenses are also easily interchangeable. It possesses great flexibility and adaptability for swinging under the helmet and is ideal for prescription lenses.

Materials: technical wrap-round line of glasses, made in Grillamid tr90.
Spare parts: elastic band, second lenses, short and curved temples
Lenses: smoke flash polycarbonate and clear colors lenses.
Optical lenses: reading lenses can be set. If you need to customize your goggles with reading lenses ask for a quote. 

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