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Terms of sale 2019


Communication and management assistance

  1. By e-mail to send orders and / or requests
  2. By phone from 11.30 to 13.00 and from 17.00 to 19.00
  3. Goods deliveries: every Tuesday and Friday
  4. Sending invoices: every month end
  5. Payments granted: Lcr 30 days; or different as agreed with the customer
  6. Minimum order: 300     Italy  – 500 €    Others Pays
  7. Lower orders, if accepted, advance payment
  8. Some craftsmanship, sales prices will be adjusted   by difficulties
  9. Info & conditions of sale for the Italian DEALER market

Services & Customizations

  1. Spare parts, lenses, supercents will be sent directly to the end customer
  2. Repairs: returns will be authorized after request and pictures sent by e-mail. The goods will be sent carriage free with our contracted couriers Gls or BRT.
  3. Customizations: made on request and on quantities with advance orders
  4. Prescription lenses: Will be made on some styles including the WindTini model is the most recommended to be able to insert the prescription lenses. Dealer margin = 30%. Medical prescription and interpupillary distance are required
  5. Certifications: we have the certifications according to the European regulations for many representative products of our collection and also those regarding filters and lenses.
  6. Expositors: available for large sale models and will be sent with minimum orders or invoiced

Promotions & new proposals until 30-3-2019

– Vintaco: 5 + 5 + 1 free; buying 5 with black pillow + 5 with chocolate pillow receive 1 free with the silver fram

Myto: available in pack 5 black + 5 multicolor (see color table)

  1. Helmets expositor: free when purchaising 3 helmets to create a corner inside the shop.

Conditions reserved for web customers & online shops; new initiatives

1.Dropshipping delivery: reserved for customers with a minimum annual turnover of € 3,000

  1. Display of 3 models of helmets at their webshop; 5% surcharge
  2. We recommend to comply with our 2019 price list and to reserve a maximum discount of 5% (in principle all our customers are complying with thsi)
  3. Annual visits: once a year we visit our customers in order to introduce the news, the best-selling models and communicate discontinued colors and improved products.