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  • We introduce you TEBE ORO and ARGENTO helmets, precious objects to ride with great style

A very light helmet shell, a coat of primer, a coat of opaque black, a new coat of gripping primer.


We spread the very thin gold or silver leaf. Still a very light coat of transparent and you start the manual cracking.



We fix everything with a coat of paint (glossy, semi-gloss or opaque).


Then we move on to internal manufactoring.

EPS: the polystyrene, the true protection force of the helmet to be glued to the shell. The holes of the visor and the support points of the straps.

We take one of the 3 semi-ready interiors in bi-coupled leather, breathable fabric, shape memory foam (MMF)

We insert this magnificent interior.



We also insert the leather strap on one side, in coupled fabric on the other: a feather.

A visor edged in anti-rubbing animated leather.


The “insured” eyewear in leather on the back.

Control, instructions, double label, photo, strap.



Which is the value you give to this object?




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