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Customize your Baruffaldi’s helmet with Helmade

Design your helmet online in 3D

For almost a century, Baruffaldi stands for finest Italian craftmanship. Together with Helmade we are proud to introduce you our new project and offer the opportunity to customize your own Baruffaldi helmet online in 3D

Choose the design, the colors, the text…
and create your own style!

On the Helmade website you will find the entire collection of designs and customizations made for the Baruffaldi helmets.

From over 80 years

caschi_pelleThe Baruffaldi company was born before 1932, it started producing industrially in 1936-37 and was situated in the east of Milan. The company was a famous producer of ski glasses, motor and climbing glasses, so important that it began to sponsor “Valanga Azzurra” and “Thoeni”, Nuvolari, Ascari: Baruffaldi became the first ski brand in the world, the second in the moto-goggle sector and the first Italian brand in the branch of security products. read more

Vote and Win

Simultaneously with EICMA 2015 starts the competition that allows you to win the item* that you like most
It’s easy to play: vote the item you like most, register your vote and wait the winner extraction.
Every 1,000 votes will be extracted three participants who win the item that voted.
*The maximum value of the prize is 150 €, if you voted a product with a higher price, you can choose to add the difference or choose any other product.



Verona - Italy

19 - 21 January 2018


Become a promoter of Baruffaldi products at events you attend!

Write an email to describing your promotion project, the events in which you participate or biker club where you join.
You will be re-contact by our staff to explain the details and modalities of our collaboration.