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Easy Rider Photochromic Black



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Motorbike Goggles in metal with a wrap-over refined look. Very high level of technical details: the bridge is adjustable and integrated with the frame, the earpieces are flexible and the cushion is wide and in a soft and massaging leather, it is hand made and padded for protection. The lens is interchangeable.
Assembling and disassembling of cushion, lenses and frame is facilitated by a round head pin in PC–to fasten and unfasten–included in the Kit as an adjustable elastic band hook on temples. Every package contains an instruction manual, but you can also consult our web-site.
A version with photo chromatic lenses is available. The frame is made with a special metal that under a light pressure allow to curve the final part and adapt them to the ears or to the helmet.

Materials: lightweight metal frame and different nappa leather colors.
Spare parts: elastic band, lenses & photo chromatic lenses, leather cushions
Lenses: photo chromatic and yellow colors lenses.

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